Energy Saving Windows and Doors

Double glazed windows and doors are rated for thermal energy efficiency in a similar way as electrical appliances and 'white goods' are, for example, you would compare fridges or microwaves by comparing the rating certificates on the front of the appliance to check how energy efficient each one is. The double glazing industry use the same standard certificate to show how energy efficient the windows and/or doors are, so for example, a standard (older) uPVC double glazed window might have a ‘D’ or ‘E’ energy rating where as thanks to advancements in glazing and uPVC frame technology our double glazing ranges from a minimal energy rating of 'C' up to maximum performing 'A-Rating' and even our new, ultra high thermally performing Triple Glazing. 

With home energy bills continuing to soar, more people are switching to energy efficient double glazing when looking to replace their window and doors. SafeChoice windows are the best performing UPVC energy window system on the market; from styling to performance to energy saving, our advanced design will give you a comfortable, secure and energy efficient home.


Reduce wasted home energy. Reduce heating bills…

By choosing SafeChoice double glazing to replace single glazed or older double glazed units will save you money from day one. In fact, you could reduce your home heating bills by up to 20%, saving up to £325 per year!


Energy Saving Windows and Doors 





Save Money & Reduce Your Heating Bills with our 'A' Rated Energy Efficient Windows & Doors 

"I would happily recommend Classic PVC to anybody considering replacement windows"