Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

Are your fascias, soffits and guttering looking tired and in need of repair?

The timber around your roofline may not win much of your attention but it can be a real headache when it starts to deteriorate, and it can take up too much of your hard earned free time with the constant round of treating and repainting.

Classic uPVC can bring the same long life, low maintenance and crisp good looks of uPVC to this important part of your home and reclaim your weekends.

Similarly, any house with external timber cladding, for example on gables or between bay windows can soon begin to look shabby once the wood is a little past its best. uPVC cladding is not only made to withstand the elements but, with just the occasional wipe down, will keep its sparkling 'as-new' good looks for many years to come.


Protect Your Home From The Elements 



uPVC Soffits are the horizontal underhanging boards which seal off the roof space in conjunction with the fascia boards.



uPVC Fascias in collaboration with the soffit close off the roof space. It is to these fascias that the guttering is fixed.



uPVC gutters and downpipes are available in various styles; half round, square and Ogee.




uPVC Barge boards are the large angled boards which protect the sand and cement which seals the tiles on a gable ended roof.



Our cladding replaces perished sarking felt and directs rain water from the eaves into the gutter.




It is important that the roof space is adequately vented.
It is usual for vents to be made in the soffit board or placed between the top of the fascia and eaves tile.

roofline guttering and fascias in Swansea

Quality Roofline Products in South Wales

All guttering and downpipes can be replaced with a uPVC rainwater system. This comes in a choice of either half round, square or ogee, with either square or round downpipes, in a

choice of colours.

Enhance the appearance and kerb appeal of your home with our fascias, soffits and guttering, all available in a wide range of colours to compliment your existing windows and doors.

Say goodbye to spending hours up a ladder sanding and

painting and instead replace them with our incredibly durable uPVC roofline alternative and never have to paint again!

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"I would happily recommend Classic PVC to anybody considering replacement windows"