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How To Keep The Temperature At Home Cool During Summer?

30th July 2021

The hottest months of the year are here and with them come soaring temperatures. Unfortunately, many people don’t have air conditioning in their homes or they can’t afford to have it installed. Luckily, there are ways to beat the heat without spending a fortune on an AC unit. We have compiled a list of some of the best ways to fight hot temperature in your home to help you survive the heatwave!

Keep windows closed during the day

Open your windows at night. Air in the evening is cooler and less humid than air during the day, so opening them will help you avoid overheating or sweating too much while sleeping. If it’s a really hot summer night, keep an extra fan on hand to cool you down before bedtime if needed. Make sure your windows are not open too wide to keep your home secure at night. The best option is opting for tilt & turn windows that allow ventilation whilst keeping your home safe.

Use fans inside during the day

We all know the best way to keep cool during a hot summer day is with an ice cold drink or by floating in the pool, but what if you don’t have either of those? The next best thing is using fans. Fans are great because they work quickly and efficiently when it comes to cooling down your body temperature. What makes them even better is that there are many different types available for purchase at different price points so you can find one that suits both your budget and needs.

Close the curtains

Closing the curtains during the day is an inexpensive way to keep your house cool on hot days. When you close the curtains, it’s like a giant air conditioner for your home! You can also install blackout window treatments to block out sunlight and help reduce cooling costs in your home.

Hang a wet sheet

You may not believe it, but a wet sheet hanging in front of the window can actually help to bring your room’s temperature down. It’s true! If you have no other option for cooling off during these hot summer months, try this hack and see if it works for you. The science behind this trick is that water evaporates from the fabric which cools it down right away—and since air moves past the cloth when we open up our windows, all those cooled molecules are sent into your home as well. 

During the summer months, many of us may feel like we need air conditioning just to keep cool. However, there are a number of ways you can stay comfortable without it! We hope our list of tips helps make this summer just a little bit more tolerable.