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How To Match Hardware To Your Windows And Doors

24th May 2021

The hardware on your windows and doors can have an effect on the overall look of your house. If you are remodeling or building a new home, it is important to match the handles, hinges and knobs to the style of your door or window. This blog post will discuss how to choose the right type of hardware for your needs.

Modern properties

If you’re looking for a more modern look, consider choosing something that has clean lines and minimal details. If you’ve opted for black, grey or navy blue doors or windows, the best colour of hardware would be black or silver.

 Brushed or polished chrome finish is also a good idea as it not only matches shades of blacks and grey but it is also durable and easy to maintain. If you want to opt for a more adventurous and bold look, you can create a contrast between the colour of your door/window and the hardware. Black and white or black & red are some of the examples.

Traditional properties

If you want a cohesive look, try using either all brass or nickel finishes. It’s also worth considering going with an antique finish if you’re looking for something that’s unique. A subtle shade or antique gold, rose gold or brass goes well with white or woodgrain finish doors and windows. 

You can also mix metals like bronze and copper to create something more interesting.It all depends on your personal preferences and the overall style of your property.

As shown above, there’s a number of options when it comes to choosing your hardware. 

A key thing to remember is that the hardware should match the style of your door or window, so be sure not to get anything too modern if you have a Victorian style home and anything too traditional for a contemporary style property. It’s also important to choose  good quality window frames and doors so make sure you go with a trusted and reliable installer. Here at Classic PVC we have a wealth of experience in the double glazing industry and offer only the highest quality products. Contact our friendly team today and receive a free, personalised quote!