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5 Reasons To Invest In Triple Glazing In 2021

18th December 2020

As we head into 2021, you may have your new year’s resolutions ready. Whilst joining the gym or learning a new hobby may be on the list, home improvement projects tend to be procrastinated. 

Make it different this year and consider installing new windows. This will not only improve your home’s appearance but also will cut your energy bills.

Triple glazing is definitely worth looking into. It  has slowly become more and more popular with homeowners and it’s clear to see why. Upgrading your windows with triple glazing has numerous benefits. 

Whereas double glazing is made up of two pieces of glass separated by a gap filled with gas, triple glazing has an added layer of glass and an extra gas-filled space. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should invest in triple glazing in the new year. 

  1. Noise Reduction 

Whether you live by a busy street or just appreciate peace and quiet, you may not realise it but installing triple glazing can go a long way to reduce the amount of outside noise entering your home. 

So, if you’re after  a quieter home, triple glazing is a perfect way to achieve that. 

  1. Thermal Efficiency 

Does your home feel cold in the winter but too hot in the summer? Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature isn’t the easiest thing to do. With triple glazing, you can make things a lot easier. 

Thanks to its thermal efficiency capabilities, installing triple glazing in your home can help to keep cold air out and the warm air in, so your home can be a more comfortable place to live. 

  1. Security 

We all want to feel safe in our homes, so anything that can make our homes safer is always welcomed, right? Triple glazing makes would-be burglars’ lives much harder as triple glazed windows are harder to break due to the extra panes of glass. 

For ultimate peace of mind, installing triple glazing may make all the difference. 

  1. Adds Value to Your Property 

If you consider selling your home in the future, it’s worth considering  installing triple glazing. This may be what sets your property apart from its competitors and also increases the value of your home. 

  1. Enhanced Appearance

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your windows then triple glazing might be what your home needs. Available in a wide selection of styles and designs, triple glazing complements any type of home, modern or traditional. 

Finding a triple glazing installer 

As you can see, installing triple glazing in your home has a number of benefits, from keeping your home warm to adding value to your property. 

But before you go installing triple glazing, it is important to choose an installer you can trust. 

That’s where Classic PVC can help. 

At Classic PVC, we are dedicated to providing each of our customers with products and services that they can rely on. 

All our products are manufactured to the highest specifications, using quality materials.If you’re looking for the highest quality triple glazing products, look no further. Get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to assist you, or  get a quote now!