Transform your entrance and open your home up to a whole new look. Composite (GRP) doors offer a wide range of designs and styles that include full and half panel designs

Apeer composite doors are a superior high quality composite door, unlike any other on the UK market.
The Apeer 70 is a double rebated composite door, thus offering a tighter fit, a thicker slab, boosted reinforcing, adding more security and strength.
Whilst pvc doors are double rebated, the majority of composite doors being offered today are only single rebated, with a flush fitting slab, just like a timber door. 
BENEFITS OF THE APEER 70                                    OTHER COMPOSITE DOORS
Double Rebated                                                                   Single rebate
Manufactured with no timber or pvc, to                Made with either a pvc sash, or
twist or warp                                                                          timber subframe (different                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        materials, which move at different
High density insulated foam core of                         Foam core of 40kg per cubic 
120kg per cubic metre                                                      metre.
The only downside of an Apeer door, is that they weigh approximately, 70kg, so it really is a two man job!
Durable, High Security & Energy Rated
Our composite (GRP) doors have been expertly designed to keep out unwanted noises and draughts, so your home stays warm and quiet. They feature multi-point locking systems and high performance energy efficiency as standard – to give you total peace of mind.

Composite doors from Classic are tough, secure and durable making them the perfect addition to every home. You can also relax, knowing that there will be no colour fading, no cracking, no bowing and no warping.
A Range of Styles, Designs & Colours
The Classic range of composite doors offer a stunning selection of designs, from traditional to contemporary, and all available in a huge variety of colours including solid colours such as Grey, Black, Red and Blue, as well as a stunning collection of authentic wood effect finishes. You can personalise your new door further with our decorative glass designs and a range of hardware.




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